Beelink BT4 Review – Mini PC at the Android TV Box price?
beelink BT4 christmas tree

Beelink BT4 Review – Mini PC at the Android TV Box price?

Beelink is a China manufacturer and they are on the market for a lot of several years. Their products are not overpriced but they are with literally great top quality and which is why customers love them.

beelink BT4 christmas tree

I really like to find that Beelink relased these types of a Windows 10 low-cost product because I loved my GT-King and GT-King Pro however they dont give me functionality of the Windows devices. At this value I dont expect miracles from this mini PC however will allow look at which we’ve got.

Unboxing Beelink BT4

Beelink BT4 box frontBeelink BT4 box front opened

Beelink BT4 box front deviceBeelink BT4 bottom

Here what is inside the box:

Beelink BT4 what is in the box

On the front side we have only indicator LED.
On the right dive there is:
SD card slot
2x USB 3.0
Heat vents

Beelink BT4 Windows 10Beelink BT4 Windows 10 left side

On the left we have
Heat vents
2x USB 3.0

Beelink BT4 Windows 10 back side

On the back side:
Power button
DC in port
VGA port
HDMI port
LAN port
headphone/microphone 3.5mm jack

Processor and Speed

The Beelink BT4 mini personal computer is packed with quad-core Intel Atom X5-Z8500 Processor and Intel HD Graphics GPU. Both deliver the Beelink mini personal computer to process and operate faster.


Because of to small LPDDR3 Ram and a bit out of date CPU, the mini PC takes far more time than common to start up If the junk files are not cleaned and the drives are not optimized regularly the pc becomes sluggish day by day

Connectivity and Operation system

The Beelink BT4 mini personal computer arrives with pre-installed licenced windows 10 so that you do not have to buy it likely out of your league or so that you do not any include of the windows running system. The Beelink Mini PC has Bluetooth V.4.0, Dual WiFi and so Lots much more.


Display and Interferences

One of the most attractive attributes of Beelink BT4 mini personal computer is that it supports dual display. It has two HDMI port that could perform two displays simultaneously. It Additionally supports dual-band wifi that has wide coverage and 4K motion photographs due to its Chipset and GPU. The Beelink Mini PC supports 4 USB V.3.0 ports to operate 4 USB devices simultaneously. It In addition supports microphone jack. This enriched user interference makes the BT4 mini PC a smart choice.


The Beelink Mini PC has some codec to support multimedia attributes. This kind of as H.263, H.264, H.265, MPEG4 and so much much more. The Beelink BT4 Furthermore supports 4K videos, 1080p, FLV, MKV, MP4 and so Plenty much more formats. It supports stereo surround sound with decoders like AAC, MP3, OGA, OGG, WMA and so Lots more. It Furthermore ships with photo decoders like JPG, JPEG, GIF, TIFF and so on.



Extremely Budget Price tag Tag:

The price of Beelink BT4 is around $150 such as all the expenses regarding shipping. Think of this. A working personal computer for the value of a headphone or even fewer. This extremely low price makes it applicable to places where high end sophisticated and high valued personal computer is easily not applicable because of to damage risk of both user and computer. This inexpensive price range moreover helps the fresh companies and business firms getting low capital at the starting to have their fairly own computer army.



The Beelink BT4 mini PC is a bit of noisy inhabit. It has a cooling system to cool it down whenever it is inside pressure. The cooling fan makes noise although doing it. At a silent night, it is as a jet propulsion system that makes noise.

You can buy it at Amazon:

Beelink BT4 4 + 64G


Beelink BT4 4 + 64G

United Kingdom

Beelink BT4 4 + 64G


Beelink BT4 4 + 64G


Beelink BT4 4 + 64G

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