Beelink GS-King X review – A powerful NAS product at inexpensive value
Beelink GS King X box

Beelink GS-King X review – A powerful NAS product at inexpensive value

Beelink GS-King X is the latest product from Beelink company and it a kind of interesting NAS device with strong Amlogic S922X-J SoC HiFi audio

Unboxing the box

The model Beelink GS-King X ships in a black box with fine magnetic closure, have DTS and Dolby logos in the top cover.


Inside we have the TV-Box, RF remote, HDMI cable 4K@60fps compatible, HD Support, CoreELEC microSD Operation system boot, Manuals and a DC 19V 3A adapter.


The TV-Box Beelink GS-King X has a spectacular metal box with grills on each side.


On the front we have the drawing of a skull with LEDs in the eyes, they are green but in activity they are blue (Maybe a function will be added to change it off soon as Today you could only disconnect the cable to deactivate them) and power button, 2 USB 2.0 , microSD card reader.


Also, a Flymouse RF controller with a microphone is included that allows you to use an on-screen pointer and give commands to Google Assistant by voice.


On the back there are HiFi headsets output, RCA output, BAL output, DC plut, AV aux, HDMI, 2x USB 3.0, SPDIF, gigabit LAN. After unscrew the cover under we have  2 inner 3,5 disk bays with 2TB HDD bundled.

The bundled power deliver is a poweful one – 3A:


All specification are printed on the bottom of the box:


The TV-Box Beelink GS-King X ha installed 64 GB eMMC memory for inner storage + 4 GB DDR4 RAM, it has two USB 3.0 port, 2 USB 2.0 , microSD card reader and 2 internal 3,5 disk bays.
In the network section it has a wireless adapter Wifi ac 2×2 MIMO + BT 4.1 (AP6356SA) and Ethernet Gigabit port. And we can see in the tests the achievements the wifi reaches great speeds and the range is the straight one for a model with 2 inner antennas.

Under the TV-Box we have a double disk bay for 3.5″ disks with support up to 32 TB (2x 16 TB) as an external drive.
The Disk format is ExFat compatible (Sorry no NTFS)

internal storage is 64GB and Free 52GB ( NTFS + exFAT compatible ) Expandable with a USB or SD external memory.
RAM is 4GB – Free 3GB / DDR4.

The device is a bit heavy – 1.1kg with no the HDD and 1.8kg with a 4TB HDD


On the bottom of the box, there is a tiny hole with open to the improved update button in case the firmware needs to be updated.
On the motherboard PCB, we could discover the Wifi ac 2×2 MIMO + BT 4.1 Processor (AP6356SA) what has two internal wifi antennas.
The cooling system has an active fan which is good and the generated noise is not annoying however constant.

First start and Android system

When we plug in the Beelink GS-King X a short option needs to be done.


After complete startup, a simple launcher based on squares shows. It is designed for use with the provided remote control and has couple of icons on the side that we can customize with the applications we need.


In the already installed applications, we could discover Movieplayer, Miracast, Manual, Bee Music, and Bee File Explorer. The overall performance of Android 9 is outstanding in terms of desktop or heavy applications, operates stable and without having getting forced closures in the programs.
Of course, we have Google Play and all the international Android languages are in the world.


When a quick check of the existing version of Android and firmware, we look at that a fresh version 915P0 what brings SAMBA performance is in the world.

Whenever download and install, we are back in the game 🙂
The Box is rooted by default so we can use the advantages of the Android system. Sad to say, custom ROMs are not in the world yet.
Let’s not ignore that the TV-Box we have a microSD card to boot the CoreELEC system in a dual form if we need that.


SAMBA server and NAS

Due to the fact firmware version 915P0 the Beelink GS-King X system have a SAMBA server option in the settings menu. You can replace ON an choose which drives cna share the stored files. You have to take few points in consideration.

To connect from our PC you have to use the IP \\192.168.0.XXX
The service should be activated whenever the TV-Box is started

This TV-Box Beelink GS-King X has an associated NAS server service offered by WeLine and an app that lets us to access the contents of our TV-Box anywhere via wifi or reports.
The system is easy to use but the connection speed is sluggish and not beautiful efficient and requires buying credits due to the fact it has a limited transfer rate.
Beelink says that they will suggest an other free various as a NAS server in a future update.

So if you require to try the existing NAS server download the WeLine app and register with the serial number on the sticker on the back of the TV-Box. Scan the QR code on the back of our telephone to link it

Power and overall performance





The Beelink GS-King X with S922X-J SoC is Very effective and could run any Android app or game due to ARM Cortex-A73 + A53 processors with its Mali-G52 MP4 GPU is in the mid/high range.
This SoC is produced in 12nm and has a pretty low consumption. The temperatures are little due to the inner fan, the cpu manages the speeds correctly and goes down to its minimum speed in inactivity.
Thermals start from 42ºC and working is 48ºC. the max I saw was 58ºC due to the fan wich noise is about 20db
As per power utilization whenever the box is off – 1.1W. Working at 19W and max 30W.

Games and emulators

YES is possible to play titles like PUBG at low options and run Emulators up to Wii with Vulkan support.
For much better gameplay, we can use Gamepads by cable or bluetooth.


The playback aspect in the Beelink GS-King X operates pretty well because of to the Amlogic S922X SoC, this hardware has a Really Fantastic overall performance due to the fact of to the Amlogic S922X-H SoC that integrates an Advanced Video Engine Gen10 VPU.
This video cpu supports most modern video formats this kind of as h.265 and VP9 with original 4K HDR resolution support.


Players like KODI or PLEX could be used without the slightest problem so we can install them from Google Play. And about the audio, we can playback DD and DTS sound but we only have PCM sound thanks to a problem in the firmware (Beelink is working to fix it).
Thanks to the dedicated processors ESS9108 + RT6862 is possible to play with Lossless high high quality.


Streaming services

Passing our tests with streaming services we check how the most well-known services work. The Beelink GS-King X presents the classic configuration with no certifications (Google Widevine L1) which limits us in quality in a number of streaming services, luckily if it is compatible with most services even if they are in its most basic quality of SD video



Beelink GS-King X offers an unconventional storage system (Two 3.5″ disk up to 32GB total, SAMBA server) with powerful Amlogic S922X-H SoC that can handle any app or games as PUBG.

High quality design with Hi-fi audio and a lot of connectors. All streaming services are in the world (even not in FHD) and running superb.

So in you looking for a small storage  server with powerful S922X-H SoC and dual system (Android 9 and CoreELEC) you should certainly buy it from the links below:

GeekBuying: Beelink GS-King X
GearBest: Beelink GS-King X Dual HDD NAS Hi-Fi Audio System

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