Beelink L55 mini PC Intel i3 5005U CPU review
Beelink L55 mini PC

Beelink L55 mini PC Intel i3 5005U CPU review

hi everyone,

today I’m gonna review a mini PC from Beelink.
it’s the Beelink L55.

it’s fueled by the core 5005U Processor.
It’s not newest chip however in my performance even though it’s old it is really better than the Intel Gemini Lake n4100 in terms of single-threaded functionality and graphics performance.


The mini PC L55 is really a small bit compact than I imagined it.

Beelink L55 specification


Beelink L55 Unboxing


2 HDMI cables, one shorter and one standart 1m.
A little bracket plate I guess if you’re gonna VESA mount it put on back of a monitor or something as that you just require the short one cable.


Housing of this mini PC L55 it’s made out of a hard plastic in it appears a Terrific good quality and the finish of it.


So far just looking at it and which the DC in there
of course the power it this is our exit


Vent instantly Right here so warm air will come
out of this.


There is one upside-down HDMI 1.4 a port and DP port Right here too.

2 USB also upside down and then 2 Gigabit LAN plus two USB 3.0 again upside down.


Mini-pc L55 Below we have what appears to be like a microphone up coming to power button is literally a built-in status LED.


3.5 millimeter headset jack with mic support and 2 USB 3.0 ports.
The first one can provide enough power for fast charging phones or tablets.


Lets see what’s under:


Internals you can reach with just four screws on the backside and then the whole plate just lifts right up.

So we might upgrade the RAM I don’t think you could get though ddr3 spec 16 gigabyte single stick.


I think which is only ddr4 that we can get with that and Below we have a 2280 m.2 set of SSD.


You could smoothly change it and then instantly Right here on the lid this is where you could connect 2.5 inch up to 2GB HDD (or an additional SSD)


the BIOS like you can see right Right here, I’ve received full open to something so it’s completely unlocked presently.


But with this small in CPU it’s not very a lot use 🙂


We can’t exactly do Plenty here so inside volting.

those particular options are not open to
us even there nicely something Right here.

On First boot you will have to go through the Windows setup and individuals are the pre-installed set up languages on the windows 10 image.


So we have a hundred and 3 gigabytes free Below on first boot.

I haven’t installed anything just still before I start my review.


The Windows 10 it’s all activated it doesn’t seem to have any problems I can go into Windows updates.


It’s working it’s pulling through the updates there too so the 8 gigabytes of RAM that is installed.

If you’rewondering about the speeds it is operating at, nicely it’s 1600 megahertz and of course it’s just single channel.


The reboot time is fairly fast it only takes about 5-10 seconds or so and you’re into desktop.

That is possible thanks to the fast 512GB SSD:


almost 500MB/s read/write!

Will allow look at Geekbench scores I run:


It’s agood result for this type of CPU.

there’s no turbo there’s no real adjustment in the frequency and all it just sits there so I wanted to do a small bit of a real-world test here.

I’m not having any problems with the wireless range and the performance appears to be to be pleasant because I’m through a couple of walls Below before the router.

Streaming overall performance and YouTube okay so they’re all loading in there and You’ll swap between those tabs so that it functionality that is Fantastic.

In fact I’m gonna have to say again that this i3 CPU it’s certainly improved than the Gemini Lake the Apolo.

Now on to gaming functionality.

So lighter older titles this sort of like “Counter-Strike: Global Offensive on Steam”, we’re getting ok just more than 30 frames per second.
It’s not ideal but it is just playable.


So You’ll take a look currently at the thermals it is good.
I haven’t truly noticed it fluctuate too much.
The frames may dip down a small bit after you’re gaming however there’s with no thermal throttling Below or power limit throttling.
The frequency is always stuck at 2 gigahertz.
The currently fan noise it’s on it’s cycling on and off and it is a little annoying and you certainly hear it after gaming.
It is about 45 decibels.


This Beelink L55 mini PC for over-all computing spreadsheets Docs is very good.
There it feels faster gaming experience as well a small bit faster than those particular quad core low-end CPUs

Chipset core i3 you have to the remind it’s an old one like well it’s a little bit dated so no demanding work on this.
Video editing and hardcore gaming it’s not possible of course.

the 8GB of RAM is respectable.
The mini pC ships with up to 512GB SSD and additionaly a 2.5 inch hard drive you could include.

The build quality is very good-looking and the thermals as nicely are really Terrific.

Over-all it’s fine mini PC and for the value is recommended.

You could buy it from Amazon:








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