Breaking news! MWC 2020 canceled because of to the ongoing Coronavirus epidemic!

After a series of companies noted their withdrawal from MWC 2020 this week, GSM Association, the organizers of the occasion has determined to cancel the technology occasion this year. MWC is the world’s biggest mobile technology indicated of the year and its cancelation is a strong indication of the gravity of the ongoing coronavirus epidemic.

This announcement does not very arrive like a impress given how major technology giants like LG, MediaTek, Vivo, AT&T, Sony, and Amazon backed out of the occasion in the past few days. All Those companies expressed their concern for the safety of their employees like nicely like the attendees of the event this year.

Xiaomi, Realme, and Huawei had week ago established their attendance at the event. Xiaomi and Realme moreover noted pre-MWC launch events for their gadgets. However with the occasion formally canceled, we’ll have to wait for an official statement from Those companies regarding their pre-MWC events.

In an emailed declaration to Bloomberg, John Hoffman, the CEO of GSMA, said the outbreak made it “impossible” to hold MWC 2020.

Above 1100 guys have died in China whenever contracting the covid-19 aka novel coronavirus and above 40,000 guys have been infected so far. These numbers are rising every day. WHO has already declared coronavirus as a global health emergency. And with a number of major MWC attendees withdrawing weeks before the occasion, the GSMA was left with with no choice however to cancel the technical indicated this year.

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