Cameraphones with 100MP and 64 MP digital cameras coming soon
Qualcomm Snapdragon 675

Cameraphones with 100MP and 64 MP digital cameras coming soon

Qualcomm is a important smartphone chipset maker, and it runs on 65% Android gadgets. Week ago, Qualcomm unveiled its new flagship chipset – Snapdragon 855 carrying enhancements above its predecessor. The San Diego, California based manufacturer is a major player enabling much better photography experiences over phones. However, week ago company claimed in updated specs sheets that their chipsets already support 192 Megapixel cameras.


At initial, with no one believed in fresh specifications and termed it as a marketing gimmick. Today, more than a telephonic session with media, Judd Heape, Senior Director of Device Management acknowledged the difference. He explained that the present chipsets already support 192 megapixels, but without having options like MFNR (multi-frame noise reduction) and ZSL (zero shutter lag). In other words, if manufacturers want to utilize noise reduction and zero lag features, they have to limit hardware at 30fps or 60fps modes with the lower resolution.

“We updated the specifications to show which the world’s biggest picture sensor that could be connected to Snapdragons,” Heape asserted during his over an hour-long conversation with Indian tech journalists.

It means chipsets such as Snapdragon 670, Sd 675, Snapdragon 710, Sd 845, and the Snapdragon 855 moreover supports 48 MP cameras without any software/hardware upgrade.

Currently, with no manufacturer supports 192 Megapixel sensor, but as as claimed by to Judd, higher than 48 resolution would be a reality soon. Few OEMs are working to introduce smartphones carrying 100MP and 64MP digital camera sensors by this year. He didn’t unveil any far more details such as release date and names of OEMs.

Talking about the HDR10+ video recording future perspectives, Judd added, Qualcomm is working to bring it on Sd 865. Although, the company’s PR team quickly mentioned that the name Snapdragon 865 hasn’t been finalized.


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