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Redmi Note 7 Pro to release whenever Spring Festival with 48MP Sony IMX586 scanner

Redmi Note 7 Pro to release whenever Spring Festival with 48MP Sony IMX586 scanner


The Redmi Note 7 is Redmi’s first smartphone because it became a standalone brand and also the initial Xiaomi/Redmi phone with a 48MP digital camera however it won’t be the last. Xiaomi unveiled at the occasion that it will launch a Redmi Note 7 Pro after the Spring Festival what will moreover have a 48MP rear camera however this time a Sony IMX586 digital camera.


Actually, the Sony IMX586 was supposed to be the digital camera in the Redmi Note 7 but provide issues caused Xiaomi to switch to Samsung’s GM1 digital camera. The more than info was uncovered at the occasion earlier today. Redmi says the Redmi Note 7 Pro has been made for users who are much more focused on digital camera experience and plan to uncover it after the Spring Festival.

Based on the over statement, it is very clear the Samsung G1 camera isn’t as nice as the Sony IMX586 but how significant is the change in experience?


Although both are 0.8um-pixel sensors, the Sony IMX586 uses a Quad-Bayer array that is arranged in 4×4 for a pixel count of 48 million while Samsung’s digital camera can literally only do 12MP but interpolates to 48MP.
Sony IMX586 Quad Bayer Array

So even if the output from the GD1 digital camera is 48MP, it can’t be compared to that of the IMX586 which is seriously a 48MP sensor. The difference in the camera overall performance could be seen when you zoom in on photographs taken with both photographs.


Will the camera digital camera be the only difference between the 2 smartphones? Most heading not. Even though the design is similar and specifications such as the screen and battery ability will likely remain unchanged, we believe the Redmi Note 7 Pro will arrive with a more strong processor.
Samsung GM1 48MP scanner Bayer array

Nevertheless, the Redmi Note 7 still offers good value for money and if you are on the lookout for a fresh cameraphone instantly presently, you must think about it. However, if you can wait, you should do so just bear it in mind that you will In addition be paying more for the Pro version.

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