Redmi Router AC2100 only ¥169 (~)
Redmi Router AC2100 dev

Redmi Router AC2100 only ¥169 (~$24)

The Redmi Router AC2100 is the initial Redmi-branded router and includes the subsidiary’s entry into another product category its parent company is famous for. Redmi has not only entered into the router game however the name of its first router not special has Xiaomi also has a router named the AC2100 but with an fully mixed design and options.

Redmi Router AC2100 dev

The Redmi Router AC2100 has a rectangular shape with holes at the top and backside to help with heat dissipation. The router has six omnidirectional high-gain antennas and six high-performance signal amplifiers.

It is powered by an 800MHz dual-core four-threaded CPU paired with 128MB of RAM. The Redmi Router AC2100 has anti-snooping options that protect your security cameras from being hijacked and prevent eavesdropping by smart speakers. Redmi moreover adds that it supports IPV6 what is Lots much more efficient than IPV4 and supports autoconfiguration of IP addresses.

Redmi Router AC2100

A maximum number of 128 devices can be connected to the Redmi Router AC2100 and if you have kids on the network, you could configure usage time, URL ranges, and history using the fresh Xiaomi MiWiFi app 5.0. The app will Additionally alert you when a gadget ships online, that way you could identify unknown gadgets that are connected to the router.

The Redmi Router AC2100 also works with the Mi Home App and has been optimized to work seamlessly with Xiaomi smart home devices. Redmi says your smart home products connect automatically with no the require for passwords.

Redmi Router AC2100 kid

Other include of the router is a free 3-month NetEase UU Game Booster subscription. The game booster allows you to enjoy lag-free gaming and a stable connection even though gaming.

The Redmi Router AC2100 has a ¥169 (~$24) price tag. It is presently available for pre-order on the Youpin store and will go on sale on December 12.

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