Russia welcomes Huawei like base 5G network
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Russia welcomes Huawei like base 5G network

Huawei may be banned in the US, but the Chinese technology giant is finding support elsewhere this time. Russia, who have had a instead superb relationship with Huawei like of late, have opened their doors for Huawei to develop 5G networks in the country. This effectively makes Huawei the pioneers for 5G tech in Russia, leaving others in the dust.


Apparently, things have presently begun happening, and they’re going swimmingly nicely. Just announced this month, Huawei opened its initial 5G test zone in Moscow in partnership Russian operator MTS, with the goal of rolling out the service to the rest of the capital soon. Moscow authorities say the network will become part of the city’s normal infrastructure within the next number of years.

This is a peculiarly great deal for Huawei, like Russia plans to deploy 5G in all of its main cities by 2024. After Chinese President Xi Jinping visited Russia in June – at the height of Washington’s conflict with Huawei – Russia’s main operator MTS signed a contract with the Chinese company.

“We have been working in Russia for 22 years. Due to our partners, we live effectively here,” claimed Huawei’s extremely own Zhao Lei, adding that the company is presently looking towards 6G development for their future endeavors.

Analysts say the move is as a lot a indicated of solidarity with Beijing against the US as it is a drive to bring ultra high-speed internet to Russian technology users. Reveal us your thoughts on the matter down in the comments below, and stay tuned on Gizmochina for all your tech news.

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