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  • Bang Bang Racing HD v1.5
    *Bang Bang Racing HD v1.5*
    Requirements: 2.3+/ALL ANDROID DEVICES
    Overview: Bang Bang Racing HD now available for ALL ANDROID DEVICES
    A home…
  • Sailboat Championship v1.52
    *Sailboat Championship v1.52*
    _Requirements:_ 2.3.3+
    _Overview:_ Racing experience like never before! Special introductory price of $1.99 for a…
  • Expendable Rearmed v1.1.0

    For the last 500 years, among the bleak and barren worlds that exist in deep space, mankind has expanded its…

  • Xelorians – Space Shooter v1.2.7
    *Xelorians – Space Shooter v1.2.7*
    _Requirements:_ Android 2.1 and up
    _Overview:_ Xelorians is a shoot’em up inspired by arcade console games of…
  • Team Awesome v1.0.2

    They were just four ordinary people, stuck in four dead-end jobs – until one day a mysterious meteor crashed…

  • The Tiny Bang Story v1.0.16
    *The Tiny Bang Story v1.0.16*
    Requirements: Android 2.1+, Lucky Patcher.
    Overview: Welcome to Tiny Planet, a gorgeous steampunk inspired world…

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