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  • Worms 2: Armageddon v1.3.6b
    Worms 2: Armageddon v1.3.6b
    Requirements: 2.2 and up
    Overview: Grab your grenades and prepare for battle, as the worms are back, bigger and better…
  • Bubble Time 1.2
    *Bubble Time


    Bubble Time is very fun Bubble Shooting Games.
    Match colors to eliminate all…

  • Cranky Cat’s Bubble Pop! Full v1.6
    *Cranky Cat’s Bubble Pop! Full v1.6*
    _Requirements:_ 2.0.1+
    _Overview:_ This is the full, unlocked version of Cranky Cat, containing all the levels…
  • Ballistic SE v1.0
    *Ballistic SE v1.0*
    _Requirements:_ 2.3+
    _Overview:_ Ballistic SE (Special Edition) is an intense and highly-polished arena-style twin-stick…
  • Great Big War Game v1.4.8
    *Great Big War Game v1.4.8*
    _Requirements:_ Android 2.2 and up
    _Overview:_ The generalissimo is back, causing more mayhem than ever!


  • Evertales v1.12
    *Evertales v1.12*
    _Requirements:_ 4.0+
    _Overview:_ Once upon time, there was a tale of mighty heroes, protectors of the realm, and the saviors of…
  • SLAMMED! v1.0.2
    *SLAMMED! v1.0.2*
    _Requirements:_ Android 2.1+
    _Overview:_ Turn a scripted steel-cage wrestling match into a real fight in this 250,000-word…
  • FireCraft v1.5 Mod (Unlimited Diamonds/Gold)
    *FireCraft v1.5 Mod (Unlimited Diamonds/Gold)*
    _Requirements:_ Android 2.0.1+
    _Overview:_ FireCraft – Free Firework Simulator


  • Miturn! v1.4
    *Miturn! v1.4*
    _Requirements:_ Android 2.0+
    _Overview:_ Make your way through 70+ levels while blowing up walls, jumping over traps and flipping…

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