Unitree A1 Robot
Unitree A1 Robot

Unitree A1 Robot

Robots are not fresh, they are here due to the fact the last decade, and we are talking about them for the last numerous years.

But, now they are extra advanced because of to the evolving technology and continuous research. A lot of fresh countries have now become part of the robotics revolution in industrial, farming, and various additional sectors. Assorted robots specializing in varied aspects are now becoming a reality. Similarly, a Chinese robotics manufacturer Unitree has unveiled a fresh four-legged robot dog. Unitree A1 resembles the options of Boston Dynamic’s robots and is in the world for inside $10k.

Unitree A1 is a wholy functional four-legged robotic dog debuted earlier this year at Consumer Electronics Prove (CES) 2020. It is robust and can enjoy jumps, flips, and can travel ten feet or seven miles per hour. The powerful motor and flexible joints are few primary reasons behind such rapid actions. The robot attributes various sensors assisting it efficient in decision making.

The major features include great performance, and speed while maintaining stability. It features a multi eye intelligent depth camera for better precision and supports Real-Time HD Video transmission. In addition, it could follow any human being with any problem! assisted by dynamic obstacle avoidance. The robot could even understand gesture recognition.

Unitree A1 Robot

Technical Aspects of Unitree A1 Robot

Unitree A1 has a payload capacity of 5KG, 1-2.5 hours of endurance time along 2 protection modes. It uses 2 real-time running systems to efficiently run without any issue. There are 4-foot pressure sensors making itself walk reliably, efficiently, and conveniently.

4X Electric Motors Specs

The robot packs 4X Electric Motors producing joint torque of 22.5nm, and maximum joint velocity of 21 rad/second. It can be quickly assembled with no any important maintenance. Each motor can work separately in a varied position, speed, and torque.

Intelligent Eye Depth Camera

Their intelligent depth cameras unveield on the front side helps to record video, stream real-time video, and assist the robot. The depth camera attributes active infrared stereo depth technology, Full-HD camera resolution, 0.3-10m doeth distance, and error accuracy of 2 meters.

It measures 500mm long, 300mm wide, and measures 4000mm in height and weigh 12 Kg. There are multiple external interfaces including 2X HDMI, 2X Ethernet, and 4x USB 3.0 ports.

Unitree A1 Robot 2

Options of Unitree A1 Robot

Faster Operating Speed

The robot could run at the maximum speed of 11.88km/h which converts to 3.3m per s/ It is the most stable and the fastest quadruped robot. In layman terms, the speed is equivalent to the speed of adult jogging.
Rare Incorporates Stability

Unitree A1 robot dog could balance perfectly thanks to the advanced dynamic balancing algorithm. It allows the robot to balance quickly in case of sudden drop or impact.
Efficient Power System

The very good functionality and well known stability are the outputs of the ultimate power system. The Robot houses state of the art power system what rapidly produces more power by consuming the lesser power than the competitors.
Better and lightweight design

Unitree A1 Robot 3

The high strength and light body structure are some primary aspects of the design. It is convenient to charge with a normal power input interface. The high-performance dual master control, real sense depth cameras, map building, and obstacle avoidance are important attractions.
High Foot Sensitivity

The robot is made up of a force sensor at each foot end what helps to sense the contact state in real-time. The integrated hardware force sensor and motor sense foot force help in much better sensitivity and reliability.
Target Following

The robot could simply follow the target person. It can even stream video in high quality with 25-30 frames per second. It tracks guys, specific objects in motion within the visual range.
User Friendly User Interface

Unitree A1 robot is controlled with a PC based software. The simple and easy to use the software is the great control system. It options both high level and lower-level control.


It is giving direct competition to robots from Boston Dynamics. The intrigued users could grab Unitree A1 for the price of less than $100K. You could head more than to the formal website to have idea extra and get it.

Unitree A1 is not the maiden robot that the company has manufactured, they also have many others including the known Unitree Laikago what costs $45000.


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