What is New in Beelink J45 Mini PC and how to receive one for free?
Beelink J45 Intel Celeron J4205

What is New in Beelink J45 Mini PC and how to receive one for free?

Beelink J45 is presently well-know mini PC from a China manifacturer Beelink with Intel Celeron J4205.
But presently it’s approaching with 8GB DDR4 of RAM and 256 or 512GB mSATA disk for higher performance.

Beelink J45 Intel Celeron J4205

The Beelink J45 mini PC has a sleek design.
In the bright top we have the Beelink brand logo. On the front we have a status LED on the rubber power button, 2 USB 3.0 ports and audio jack.

Beelink J45 Intel Celeron J4205 software

In the side microSD reader and on the back we have the another ports in which stands out the double HDMI 1.4 port that permits us to connect 2 simultainisly.

On the bottom there are 4 rubber pads with the fixing screws of the lid.

Underneat is located SATA connector to mount a 2.5″ disk.

The Intel Celeron J4205 and RAM are soldered on the mainboard.

Beelink J45 Intel Celeron J4205 diy

Running system

The Mini PC comes with preinstalled and pre-acrivated Windows 10 Pro 64bit.

It operates on soft due to 8GB of RAM DDR4L in Dual Channel format and the faster 512GB SSD.

Beelink J45 Intel Celeron J4205 8GB RAM 256 SSD

The Intel Celeron J4205 cpu with 10W TDP operates on at 1.5 GHz to 2.7 GHz max.

Of cource if you are Linux lover, the Beelink J45 is entirely compatible.
You can simply install Ubuntu or any unix based OS.

Beelink J45 network

In the mini PC has installed a wireless adapter Wifi 3165D AC Dual Band with Bluetooth.
So the network adapter could reach the max speed at 1Gbps.

Beelink J45 Intel Celeron J4205 network

Over-all overall performance

In Beelink J45 mini PC there is integrated Intel Celeron J4205 processor with 4 cores and 4 threads that moves between 1.5 and 2.6 GHz and an Intel HD Graphics 505 GPU up to 800 MHz with 18 EU.

Beelink J45 Intel Celeron J4205 specs

This Chipset has a maximum utilization of 10W TDP whichis great for Apollo Lake Processor.

Games overall performance

Beelink J45 has Intel HD Graphics GPU 505 what means cant anticipate operating heavy games. At least not in high settings.

Anyway most of the games are playable in small settings.

Beelink J45 Intel Celeron J4205 colling

Audio/Video playback and streaming

Beelink J45 mini PC has an integrated Intel HD Graphics 505 have a VPU with hardware support for the HEVC codec and for basic VP9.
The Processor supports a 10bit color video and moreover HDR, although we can reproduce it in basic color good quality because Gemini Lake does not have HDR with original support.

Video streaming on Youtube (4K60 (2060p) / 5.1), HBO (FullHD (1080p) / Stereo), Netflix (FullHD (1080p) / 5.1) is soft and fine.

The miniPC supports DD and DTS 7.1 pass through. What is curious due to the fact the default hardware only supports stereo!


The Beelink J45 mini PC is nice choice for the price tag. It’s Tiny and has Multiple storage features like effectively like 2 HDMI ports together with AC Wi-Fi.

You can get this good mini PC from Amazon:


How to get eelink J45 mini PC for free?

It is truly easy. You require just provide your images of purchase of any Beelink product, and you’ll get a chance to receive a Beelink J45 8GB 256GB mini PC to ten users with the largest number of Beelink products!
The TOP 3 users will get the 8GB+512GB version.

How to participate?

Please contact Beelink service via email or Skype to participate in this occasion.

Activity time: August 1, 2019, August 10, 2019

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