Xiaomi launches four Mijia branded Refrigerators in China
Mijia branded Refrigerators

Xiaomi launches four Mijia branded Refrigerators in China

Chinese conglomerate, Xiaomi has an ever-expanding portfolio of products that ranges from smartphones, to personal mobility vehicles, to home appliances. Earlier today the company has launched 4 new refrigerators inside its Mijia brand in its home country, China. As seen with another offerings from Xiaomi in the past, the newly introduced refrigerators carry an aggressive value tag. In terms of memory ability, the smallest model has a ability of 160 litres whereas the largest model has a ability of 486 litres.

Mijia branded Refrigerators

Out of 4 models, the 2 most affordable models have a traditional design with 2 doors and 3 doors, and are built for guys who live alone or have a family of 2 members. On the other hand, the two high-end models have a side-by-side design and are designed for large families. Out of these models, one has 2 large doors that resemble and almirah whereas the additional model with 486 litres of memory with four doors.

Mijia branded Refrigerators 2

The price tag for assorted versions based upon their memory ability is listed below:

160 litres (two doors): CNY 999
210 litres (three doors): CNY 1599
483 litres (two doors): CNY 2999
486 litres (four doors): CNY 1999

All four refrigerators from Xiaomi Mijia have tempered glass shelves and LED lights for illuminating the storage area whenever the door is in open position. Besides, they are in a position of working inside a assorted range of power what will safeguard their crucial parts in the occasion of voltage fluctuation.

The 2 high-end models also have a panel screen mounted on the door front which can be used to monitor the temperature of mixed sections or regulate options. Also, individuals versions Additionally support Xiao AI voice-guided commands.

To lure in buyers, Xiaomi will suggests a warranty of 3 years/36 months to customers who order individuals refrigerators in the initial sale which is scheduled for 10 PM on the 15th of October.

Users interested in checking out Xiaomi’s product page for those refrigerators could do so by clicking Below.

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