Xiaomi Mi Mural TV is a 65-inch Super Thin Wallpaper style design
Xiaomi outs Mi Mural TV

Xiaomi Mi Mural TV is a 65-inch Super Thin Wallpaper style design

LG’s Wallpaper TV looks to have a fresh competitor in town like Xiaomi has just unveiled its premium Mi Mural TV with a lovely 65-inch custom Samsung panel display. The highlight of the fresh TV model is its super thin form factor that sticks to the wall like a painting. Real to its design, Xiaomi is Furthermore promoting a lot of artworks in 22 genres and from 45 artists to be showcased on its new TV.

Xiaomi outs Mi Mural TV

The Xiaomi Mi Mural TV has an general thickness of just 13.9mm with a flat back design. This helps it stay flush to the wall, as a wall painting. Clearly, Xiaomi is searching to attract people who are fans of Samsung’s Frame and LG’s Wallpaper TVs.

Xiaomi outs Mi Mural TV 2

Xiaomi managed to reach this design by incorporating its power supply in the lower host. So, the speakers, motherboard, and even the power provide piece is integrated in the host at the backside. The TV just houses a 65-inch custom Samsung 4K panel, which ensures its super thin form factor. Further, the frame receives a hint of blue enhancing the overall aesthetics.

Xiaomi outs Mi Mural TV 3

The display and the host are connected by a fresh MiPort line created by the company. Xiaomi information that this one line houses 30 cables under, such as its high-power provide and high-resolution video signal wire. If you are looking for specific figures, then note that this MiPort line supports 18Gbps HD signal transmission and 400W high power provide.

Xiaomi outs Mi Mural TV 4

The host features an Amlogic quad-core 65-bit cpu clocked at 1.8GHz with Mali-T830MP2 GPU. There’s 2GB +32GB of storage on board. It supports 2.4G/5G Wi-Fi ac, Bluetooth 4.2, 3x HDMI ports and 2 x USB ports. It also attributes a six-channel Soundbar and subwoofer that support Dobly and DTS-HD dual decoding.

Xiaomi outs Mi Mural TV 5

Apart from exposing off classic operates of art on the TV, you can even showcase your family portraits, pics, etc like a slideshow. It’s same to which we have seen on LG and Samsung’s slideshow mode.

Xiaomi outs Mi Mural TV 6

This Mi TV is In addition in line with the company’s recent AIOT initiative and in this regard transforms into a smart home control center. So, you could remotely sight and control all of your smart home connected gadgets on the large screen with ease. Further more, the TV is basically a XiaoAI assistant like well and ships with far-field voice recognition support. This permits almost all of the attributes of the XiaoAi assistant as asking questions, controlling smart home features etc, with just voice commands. Finally, Xiaomi has teamed up with Tencent Cloud for making and receiving video calls through the TV on its large display.

Xiaomi outs Mi Mural TV 7

The Xiaomi Mi Mural TV is offered at 6999 Yuan ($1042) and comes with free installation. Pre-orders start at 6PM in China today.

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