Xiaomi releases Mijia Laser Projector with up to 150-inches 8K
Xiaomi launches Mijia Laser Projector with up to 150 inches 8K

Xiaomi releases Mijia Laser Projector with up to 150-inches 8K

Xiaomi has other new gadget for Presently, and that new product is a projector. The Xiaomi Mijia Laser Projector is the next in Xiaomi’s lineup of Fengmi created projectors. Fengmi specialize in the handcraft of projectors. Pricing starts at 4999 yuan ($853), what is surely leaning really a bit towards to costly side of the spectrum.

Xiaomi launches Mijia Laser Projector with up to 150-inches 8K

Previously Xiaomi had unveiled the regular Mi Projector, which was a bulky, chunky box that focused mainly on quality. The new Mijia Laser Projector is a follow-up to that gadget, thought it’s not pretty a successor to it. It’s not as strong like the Mi Projector, but it’s In addition much more strong than their last projector, the portable Mi Projector Vogue.

The specifications are in line with this idea where it’s right in between the strong Mi Projector and the weaker Mi Projector Vogue. The brightness has been toned down from the staggering 9000 ANSI lumens of the original Mi Projector to a more modest 2400 ANSI lumens. It’s still brighter than most though, what is Terrific.

The Mijia Laser Projector ships with multiple assorted picture optimizations. It reportedly helps with the brightness, color gamut, sharpness, skin colour representation, HDR screen and HDMI output quality. It can achieve brightness levels to up to 1500 ANSI lumens when in highlight mode. It ships with over 85% NTSC’s wide colour gamut and the colour functionality is rich and vivid.

It uses an upgraded graphics edge processing algorithm what could effectively distinguish the edge and details of the picture object for processing. This Furthermore enhances the image clarity. The projector is Additionally optimized for lower latency after bring streamed through HDMI. This represents a 50% improvement higher than previous products.

The Mijia Laser Projector attributes dual 10W speakers for sound. Shots projected can go to up to 150-inches, what is really nice. It Furthermore supports 8K video decoding. For software, it operates on the exactly variant of MIUI that ships on Xiaomi’s MiTVs. This means the Mi Laser Projector works with Mi Home IoT equipment, which is superb.


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